Wat zeggen onze klanten?

Wjj zijn van mening dat onze klanten het het beste weten te zeggen. Dit is wat enkele van onze klanten denken over ons.

De stem van onze klanten

Wij zijn van mening dat onze klanten het het beste weten te zeggen. Hier is wat enkele van onze klanten denken over ons.

Kasper Kristiansen

We have received a very serious and trustworthy treatment, and can therefore strongly recommend others to use homes-abtoad.net

Annette & Flemming Viberg

We give homes-abroad.net and, in particular, Lotte Kristiansen from their Costa Del Sol office, our best recommendations.

Assadullah & Bjarne

We would like to thank you for your helpfulness during our visit to Benalmadena, where we should find an apartment. Very soon you got the feel of what we were looking for and the case was settled with our satisfaction in the days of 15 to 18 August 2017.

Jesper Boje Maar Outzen

We were driven around for two days in a good company with Kristian from their Costa Blanca office. He had a great knowledge of the area, etc. and the few things he could not answer, he quickly examined so that all our many questions were answered.

M. & R. Braham Chaouch

That's why we like to thank homes-abroad.net for their very efficient help and professionalism. From the first contact until we bought the house, Kristian Rasmussen from their Costa Blanca office has been amazing.

Michael Rolff

We were, by their headquarters in Valencia, set in contact by Kristian Rasmussen from their Costa Blanca office and from the first phone call he was 100% focused on our wishes.

Annizette & Michael Nejland

Our experiences with homes-abroad.net are only positive. From the first contact, to the purchase of our house in Cumbre del Sol.

Alicia and Peder Arndt

We came in dialogue with Kristian Rasmussen from Costa Blanca South office and immediately we felt that he was one of the more serious brokers. He was quick to respond to our mails and to find a selection of homes in our target group.

Lisbeth & Frank Lindhøj

We were referred to homes-abroad.net, which we contacted immediately. This was the best thing we could have done and we should have done that from the start!

Lars Lindvang

I highly recommend other home seekers to contact homes-abroad.net when the property in Spain shall be found and negotiated!

Martin Mortensen & Peter Strejby

We had looked around for a while and had been in contact with several brokers and frankly it was a bit confusing. When we met with Kristian from homes-abroad he was well prepared and service minded. We subsequently fell fairly quickly for an apartment that we ended up buying.

Tony & Sue Biddle

We would very much like to thank you for all your help and assistance in helping us to buy our new home here in Campoverde (Costa Blanca). Your help was invaluable to us.

Alan Willey

I feel that without homes-abroad taking such an interest on my behalf and always keeping me in touch with the situation I would not be getting my apartment. They also recommended an excellent law firm in Barcelona with English speaking staff who have ensured the whole purchasing process has run smoothly.

Evy Stokholm & Leif Helstrup

We felt we were in good hands and will not hesitate to contact the Homes-Abroad again if the need arises upon a possibly sale or a new purchase in the future.

Henriette & Jesper Lundgreen

Throughout the process, it has been our opinion that we have been able to rely on Gunners and homes-abroad guidance and we have never had the feeling that it was about "just selling something" but rather to find the right property for us.

Mike & Dawn Tugwood

Over three days we viewed approx 8 varying properties. Mark from the local homes-abroad office was very knowledgeable and very patient with us. On returning home we put an offer in on the first property we viewed as this fitted our requirements exactly. Mark recommend a solicitor who handled everything brilliantly.